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SHIFT 2018, 05-2018, photo by Ella Bromb
SHIFT 2018, 05-2018, photo by Ella Bromb
SHIFT 2018, 05-2018, photo by Ella Bromb
SHIFT 2018, 05-2018, photo by Ella Bromb

Yasmin Schönmann is an artist who is interested in the human experience. The work she creates evolves around our emotional world , human connection and political and social issues. Schönmann believes that dance is storytelling -  creating movement means  creating a story or feeling through dance. Her artistic research is based on physical but human gestures and movement, as well as a clear story line.  In Schönmann´s work the body becomes a powerful instrument to communicate and to express emotions; a specific posture, or a single movement can offer a lot of information. 


Dancing in Transit #2

Dance & Choreography by Yasmin Schönmann
Installation, Video and Curation by 2050+

Hosted by Smart Life Festival Modena/ Fondazione San Carlo

Made possible by Slam Jam


DANCING IN TRANSIT #2 explores the relationship between
dancing in the physical world and dancing in the digital
world. What happens when a dancing body - a body that
uses movement as a mode of expression and
communication - is not a physical body, but a digital one?
What is lost (or gained) in the transition from one dimension
to the other? The installation consists of an interactive video
installation, created by 2050+, with a collage of the most
iconic "avatars" (i.e., dance animations) danced by
characters from Fortnite, the video game produced by Epic
Games. Inspired by this installation Yasmin Schönmann
created a pop up performance questioning our relationship to the digital world and what influence it has over us and over our bodies. This performance took place at the Smart Life Festival in Modena in one of the rooms of the Fondazione San Carlo.

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BLUE: Improvisation Series

Dance, Concept & Edit by Yasmin Schönmann
Camera by Sean Nederlof
Music: "The Great Beyond" - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

In this improvisational series, Yasmin Schönmann explores movement in nature. The video series takes place in various locations, is improvised and takes its inspiration from the natural landscape, soundscape and surrounding. This digital piece is part of the artist ́s mission to bring and show dance in non-theatrical spaces and being influenced by different venues. This project is still in progress and will be exhibited in a gallery in Berlin in 2023.

This is not a Drill!

Concept & Idea: Yasmin Schönmann, Katie May Douglas, Juliette Rahon
Dance & Choreography: Yasmin Schönmann, Katie May Douglas, Juliette Rahon
Production: Yasmin Schönmann, Katie May Douglas, Lost Weekend Munich
Music: Patrick Thompson
Venues: Lätare Church Munich & Lost Weekend Munich

This interactive contemporary dance piece addresses our turbulent relationship with the environment. The performers take us on a journey through our progressive disconnection from nature and the resulting impact on our environment. Together, the three choreographers search for ways to reconnect with our origins in our modern, climate-threatened existence - loosely based on the motto 'Man is part of nature'.



Dance by Yasmin Schönmann & Sean Nederlof
Concept, Camera & Edit by Yasmin Schönmann
Music by Kangding Ray
Funded by the Pandemic Healing Arts Scholarship

"ZWEISAM" is examining different stages of a relationship and mixes up the timeline of events. In the context of the pandemic this piece was planned for a bigger space and had to be adapted to a small room which highlighted the problems many people had to face during the lockdowns.

POWER - movement research

Concept & Idea: Yasmin Schönmann
Dance & Improvisation: Alba Álvarez, Katie May Douglas, Veronica Parlagreco, Wibke Storkan
Music: "The Great Beyond" Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
Video: Yasmin Schönmann

During this movement research residency Yasmin worked with four dancers to look into power dynamics, group structures and body language to create a common movement language for an upcoming production.

Filmed at Tanzraum Wedding

They don´t know

Choreography by Yasmin Schönmann
Dance by Claire Young, Alexi Salazar, Eury German, Sarah Amores, Miriam Rose

​Our world consists of leaders and followers;
active and passive ones.            
Which group do you belong to?
This piece is inspired by human power dynamics. It tries to examine human dynamics and relationships to then imagine the worst case scenario. Are we actually divine and therefore meant to rule the world? Or are we in fact the most cruel of all animals?


Choreography by Yasmin Schönmann
Performed by Aaron Samuel Davis and Yasmin Schönmann at Jack  Crystal Theatre in NYC

This duet is about being strong in being together and was inspired by a father-daughter relationship.


Choreography and Performance by
Yasmin Schönmann and Yuriko Hiroura

This duet is inspired by the relationship of the oppressor and the oppressed.


Choreography and Performance by Yasmin Schönmann and Yuriko Hiroura
Music by Enzio

This duet is inspired by family dynamics during a time where it´s common to think that we must have the same values and opinions in order to stay connected to one another. It´s a call to never stop communicating and listening to each other.


Choreography by Yasmin Schönmann
Performed by Katie May Douglas​, Amanda Lidholm, Tami Schindler, Robert Söderström, Tim Grambow

A piece about Home and Identity.

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