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Y+ Y Dance 2 081816-4014
Y+ Y Dance 2 081816-3996
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Y+ Y Dance 1 081816-4480
Y+ Y Dance 2 081816-3905


Y+Y Dance

is an international, collaborative based dance company founded by Yasmin Schönmann from Germany and Yuriko Hiroura from Japan. Their mission is to present dance to a broader audience by collaborating with different art forms such as Film, Music, Photography and Visual Arts. Each creation comprises a stage, film and photography version.

Y+Y Dance believes that dance is storytelling - we create movement and create hence a story or feeling through dance. Y+Y Dance aspires to create work that engages, touches, inspires and surprises the audience. The duet SisterS has been performed at WMAC, Peridance Capezio Center, MMAC and Ailey Citigroup Theater in NYC and at the InHale Series in Philadelphia.

SisterS - Trailer

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