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Yasmin Schönmann is an artist who is interested in the human experience. The work she creates evolves around our emotional world , human connection and political and social issues. Schönmann believes that dance is storytelling -  

creating movement means  creating a story or feeling through dance. Her artistic research is based on physical but human gestures and movement, as well as a clear story line.  In Schönmann´s work the body becomes a powerful instrument to communicate and to express emotions; a specific posture, or a single movement can offer a lot of information. 

When creating a new piece she collaborates closely with her dancers to keep their individuality alive in her own movement. When Schönmann crafts a new piece, she is creating it with the audience in mind. Leaving an impact on them and being understood by them is important to her; that´s why Schönmann is focused on the human nature and essence in dance.

 Dancing is her universal language which can be understood across the world. It feels like home; it is a place that she can take wherever she goes. Dance is also a place where Schönmann explores gender parameters to then break them; you will see female duets where both perform lifts, falls, and jumps leaving strengthening traces on the viewer’s memories. 

Schönmann believes that everybody can dance and is looking forward to teaching, choreographing, filming, editing, and becoming a voice to push contemporary dance farther.

Photo by Sean Nederlof
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