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ZWEISAM - gemeinsam einsam

Dance: Sean Nederlof & Yasmin Schönmann

Concept, Camera & Edit: Yasmin Schönmann

Music: Kangding Ray

Commissioned by Pandemic Healing Arts

Blue - improvisation series

Dance, Concept, Edit:  Yasmin Schönmann

Camera: Sean Nederlof

Music: "The Great Beyond" - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

Sisters - Trailer

Choreography & Dance : Yasmin Schönmann & Yuriko Hiroura

Camera: Zoe Yang

Edit: Yasmin Schönmann

Music: Kangding Ray

2 x 1

Movement by :  Yuriko Hiroura & Sean Nederlof

Concept, Camera, Lighting & Edit: Yasmin Schönmann

Music: Kangding Ray

Made possible through DANSPACE Residency.

Soon - a dance film

Concept, Choreography, Dance & Edit : Yasmin Schönmann

Camera: Lee Milby

Producer: Jessica Chen

Music: Malky


Concept: ​Mamadou Dia & Yasmin Schönmann

Director: Mamadou Dia

Producer: Alan Wu

Choreographer: Yasmin Schönmann

D.P.: Kristin Kouke

1st Assistant Camera: David Stein

2nd Assistant Camera:Stu Segal

Gaffer: Alec Davis

Grip: Jovan James

Dancers: Yuriko Hiroura, Abraham Texidor, Yasmin Schönmann, Sean Nederlof & Norberto Collazo

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