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motion capture

Concept               Jeff Park, Yasmin Schönmann, Danni Huang

Choreography     Yasmin Schönmann

Visuals                  Danni Huang, Jeff Park

Edit                        Jeff Park

Dancers                Lorena Perez Sanchez, Norberto Collazo, Abraham Texidor

Advisor                  Mimi Yin

Music                     Ludovico Einaudi

Premier                  December 6, 2017 at IAC Building, New York

Synopsis: The main character is running away from his past. With his movement he creates traces that entangle him until he gives up. When waking up he sees a kinder world.

This dance film was created through motion capture and designed for a very wide screen. The challenge of working with unusual surfaces to project on is that the size of the canvas is influencing the way you tell the story. Below you can see the dimension of the screen and a sample of stills that show how we could work with wide, mid and close shots.

In terms of choreographing a dance for motion capture I had to take into consideration that the dancers weren't allowed to touch each other because of the body markers. The markers tell the camera where the body is in space. If the markers change location the skeleton of the body gets distorted and the captured movement can't be used. Instead of touch and guiding each other, I worked on vocal cues for the dancers so that they were able to dance their part individually without having the other dancers in the space.

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