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Yasmin Schönmann is a dancer, choreographer and digital artist from Germany with a Diploma in Contemporary Dance from Iwanson International Munich and a Master of Fine Arts in Dance and Technology from New York  University.

Since finishing her diploma in Dance, Yasmin has been interested in portraying dance through the lense of a camera and started to learn more about the matter. Feeling like she wanted to acquire more knowledge herself and not depend on videographers who didn't know dance, Yasmin started a Master´s degree focused on Dance & Technology. Since then she has developed many dance films, VR experiences, motion capture pieces, digital dance experiences and taught her knowledge about filming dance to other dance makers. She is passionate about empowering the dance community through passing on her knowledge, so that anyone can show their art online in our digital world.

Join me in my upcoming workshop series where we will learn and practice

- how to film dance

- how to edit trailers, dance films and choreography

- how to create a website and all about the digital portfolio

FILMING DANCE - 29-31 July

In this workshop you will get hands on experience and learn everything you need to know about cameras, filming dance, lighting, sound and film shoots. We will film and dance together covering theory and practice with film equipment.

We will go over different film shoot set ups - from low budget to bigger budget- and will practice to film with the sony alpha 7s dslr camera, GoPro hero 6, gimbals, hand held and stationary cameras.

This workshop is about gathering practice and knowledge so that you can film your own dance reels, videos, choreographies and more in the future.

Where?  @Uferstudios

When?    29.7.: 17-20h

                 30. & 31.7.: 10-14.30h

EDITING DANCE - 1-3 August

In this workshop you will learn how to edit trailers, show reels, dance films and choreography with the professional software Adobe Premier. You can bring your own footage and practice editing while learning all you need to know about the topic.

We will go over different video styles and learn tips and tricks on how to edit dance. There will be time to work on your own video material with me guiding you and answering questions. You can start to work with the professional software Adobe Premier Pro, but any other editing software will do as well.

Where? @EDEN***

When?   1.-3.8.  10-14 h


This workshop is designed to give you an insight into website creation and the digital portfolio. As dance makers we need to know how to portray our art online and digitally and in this workshop I will share my online strategies with you for any kind of needs. We will cover the process of how to create your own website, look at different providers, tips and tricks and work on your own digital portfolio. Weather you want to apply with your dance piece to a festival or weather you´re a dancer trying to be invited to an audition, you need to know how to stand out and present yourself authentically online.

Where?  @Uferstudios

When?    12.-14.8.  10-14 h


260€ per workshop

480 € two workshop bundle

660€ three workshop bundle

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